Month: January 2015

People named Kabal

Cassie Quinn, David Nicholas, Peter, Angela Mary, Anna Elise, Jaan, Kelly, Maria, Ain, Aan, Marika, Uno, Mart, Martin David, Vanda, Endel, Dolly, Johan, Juhan, Ago, Linda, Salme, Yvonne, Marta, Mari, Eva-Helvi, Eva.

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Stuff named Kabal

There’s a vampire book called The Kabal Kabal is a BMX-type bicycle company in France, with a full line of clothing, bicycles and a team of riders. Kabal is a character in Mortal Kombat (there’s even a YAmp skin to go with it…) Kabal is a night club in Kansas City, US Kabal is also …

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